Some of the best Esports teams in India

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In the Indian telecommunications esports scene, the year 2020 means a lot. This year, games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile made huge strides. InsideSport examines the country’s top teams based on the awards they’ve received. Three popular mobile eSports games—Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile—have made significant advancements in the last year. Also, as the favorite Indian eSports company, we reached the top of the league.

The top Esports teams in India

India has outlawed the game PUBG Mobile. Indian teams such as Orange Rock, TSM Entity, and Celtz topped the league this year. This could have been Indian teams facing up against the strongest in the world. Instead, participants were never given the opportunity to see the prizes that those who had won up close.

For 2020, those are the three highest-earning teams in the country.

Rock, Orange Rock

Deborah Kirkham (4th from left), CEO; Kasturi Rangan (5th from left), President – Americas & India & Raviteja Mantena, (extreme right) Director of Product; Pole to Win; with the Orange Rock’s Esports team members (L-R) Harmandeep Singh; Chisin Raingam; Gopal Gajanand Sarda; Arasmeet Sandhu & Bharath Kiran Reddy; at the launch of Orange Rock’s Esports Division by Pole To Win International, Ltd., on Friday at Park Hyatt, Banjara Hills.

PUBG Mobile Industry League 2020: East was won by Orange Rock, who finished second. In the ESL India Championship 2020 Summer League, the team also won a big match. The Spring Split 2020: South Asia The PUBG Mobile Pro League was won by Orange Rocks. That single tournament netted the team $55,000 in cash prizes.

PUBG Mobile Club Open: Spring Split 2020: India was won by Orange Rock. The prize pool for the team was $55,000. For its accomplishments in the last year, Orange Rock took home a total of $83,983 in cash prizes from various competitions all over the globe.

TSM Entity

Major events netted TSM Entire, an Indian Pubg squad, $71,281. In the PPUB Mobile League Tournament 2020–Season 0: East, the squad finished sixth and earned $14,500. In the PUBg Mobile India Championship 2020, the team also received a reward of $26,781.

GXR Celtz

Celtz won the Winter Split 2020: South Asia of the PUBG Mobile Professional League. The team that finished 14th in the PMWL East received a prize of $10,500 for their efforts. The fourth and tenth places, however, went to Free Fire and COD Mobile.

Celtz finished 9th in the Springtime Split 2020: PMPL of the PUBG Mobile Club Open. GXR Celtz was formed on July 3rd after Galaxy Racer Esports and Celtz struck a pact.

Gaming teams and/or larger gaming associations are frequently affiliated with professional players. FaZe Clan, 100 Thieves, Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Natus Vincere are some of the most well-known teams in the game. The most popular teams in 2016 already have a billion followers on social media. Gamers could well be given a separate team wage in addition to their prize money. 

The Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA), as well as the British esports organization, are two of the most well-known organizations (Esport GB). Sponsorship for a team could pay championship travel costs or game equipment. Companies like Logitech and Razer have been prominent esports supporters.

Rick Fox’s sponsorship of Echo Fox is an example of traditional sports investing in esports. Researchers discovered in April 2020 that a few of the best esport participants exhibited mental fortitude similar to those of Olympic competitors.

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