The most significant domestic cricket league – IPL

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Cricket is a sport whose demand is increasing since day one. People love to watch this sport and many people spend the time with their families while watching cricket. International cricket has gained heights in recent times. But slowly, many form of cricket has been launched, and people are taking active participation in it. India has launched its new variant of cricket, and it is a form of domestic cricket, and many teams around the world are taking part in it.

Players from different countries are sold in the IPL and play with full energy to make their team win. This is a twenty 20 format game, and the players from all around the globe are mixed in different teams. The players are sold at auction, and the winning team gets a reward of prize money and a trophy.

The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This was done in the year 2007 and is getting popular day by day. Soon another round of IPL is going to begin, and people are going to stick to their television from day one. If you are one who wants to check the score online and place a bet, you can go through Indian premier league cricket scores and enjoy live scores from anywhere. 

History and foundation

  • The Indian premier league was founded in the year 2007 and never looked back. This got popular from day one, and people still have a craze for the same. The funding to this league was provided by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. This league has no connection with international cricket, and people used to love this league because many players who play against them could get a chance to play in a single team. 
  • The BCCI has also shown involvement in the league and also set some prize money which can encourage the players to play on. The players also get the amount which they are sold in the auction. Many foreign players have shown equal participation in the league and played under Indian captains. The twenty 20 leagues got popular since the day it was announced, and many people showed a positive response to it. 
  • In September 2017, BCCI announced the launch of the biggest domestic cricket league and announced the date of the launch on April 2008. MS Dhoni promoted the IPL league, and he was the captain of the team CSK. He also managed to win the title of IPL three times, but later Mumbai Indians drive to give them a defeat and won the titles five times. There were around eight teams for betting in the beginning, and these were Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mohali, and Mumbai.

Rules to play

The game was a twenty 20 format, and the rules were mostly the same as the international cricket. The significant difference was IPL used to give two timeouts in the middle of the game. Two strategic time outs can also be availed by both the teams, and there is a DRS call available which can be used to reverse the decision of the umpire.

 All these things were fascinating, and for bowlers, there is a power play till 6th over, and it is pretty beneficial for the batsmen. There are only two players allowed outside the thirty-yard circle, and the rest all the players are inside it. All these rules were quite fascinating, and the players were quite impressed with all the arrangements.

IPL 2020

The IPL 2020 was the most awaited season, and people were waiting for this season because of the COVID, and most of the fans get relief when the date of the IPL was announced. The only thing that was missed by the fans is they cannot watch the matches on the grounds because the IPL was played in Dubai. All of a sudden, people were able to smile, and IPL was the reason for it.

Huge thanks to BCCI and the team management who made this possible. Players all around the globe were attracted to the prize money and also gave other people a reason to enjoy it. In the year 2020, players were ready to sacrifice everything for cricket and play well.

IPL is the most significant event held in India, and it gives players a chance to show their talent. Many new players showed their skill and managed to make a place under the Indian team. The upcoming IPL is the most awaited one, and you can check all the scores live on Indian premier league cricket scores and can watch the game on your mobile phones.

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